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ALBERTA | Professional Photographers of Canada


CPA (Craftsman of Photographic Arts)

MPA (Master of Photographic Arts)

SPA (Service of Photographic Arts)

2022 Merit System Info

DOWNLOAD the NEW Merit Tracker


Ever find it a challenge to look back through the year and remember all those training sessions, images and volunteer hours you should be claiming? Then download the NEW Merit tracker and track it all on the fly!


With the 2021 Merit Season now behind us, we are ready to turn our attention to the New Merit System and look forward to the opportunity to properly introduce it to the membership.


Your PPOC Merit Reform Committee will be hosting a series of Information Sessions where you’re invited to ask questions about the new system, its implementation, and how it will

impact you as you work toward new

PPOC designations.

Let us help explain the PPOC landscape and how to leverage your membership.

So how does one go about earning their accreditation? Learn the ins and outs here.

Bookmark this page. Keep up to date on the latest events (both online and in person)

So what are merits exactly and what are they used for? We'll lay it all out for you here.



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