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ALBERTA | Professional Photographers of Canada

Member Information

To Our Newest Member,


Now that you're part of the Alberta PPOC family, we want to help you navigate the terrain and maximize the support and knowledge available to you. So please read through this page and go through the forst steps listed here.


Your New Member Chair: Railene Hooper  is here for YOU if you have ANY questions!

Now, let's go through the first steps...

1. Join the Social Side

More than just a social feed, these FB and Instagram accounts will help you keep you in the know for :pcoming presentations, polls, achievements and even opportunities as we share across various territories and genres ideas   and deadlines to learning about the 

  • upcoming presentations,

  • membership polls,

  • recent member achievements,

  • work opportunities across various territories,

  • other member inquiries 

  • ways to get involved and so much more! 

2. Learn the Lingo

Starting out, you might feel a little inundated with acronyms and unusual terms being hurled about. That's ok! We're going to break them down along with the entire landscape of the PPOC so you have a better idea of where you are and how to get to where you want to go!


PPOC - Professional Photographers of Canada

CPA - Craftsman of Photographic Arts 

SPA -  Service of the Photographic Arts

MPA - Master Photographic Arts

F/PPOC - Fellow of PPOC



Accreditation: a national standard of performance to market your genre of photographic specialty

Salon: This is our image competition, designed to identify the absolute best images in the country. There is both a regional (Alberta) Salon competition in the fall and a National Salon held around April of each year.

Mentor: A fellow PPOC member that has a minimum 3 years of membership or 2 years with PPOC Board experience and is accredited. They are assigned to help guide new Protégés through the processes of competition and accreditation submissions.

Merits: The "currency" by which designations (CPA, MPA, etc.) are earned. Merits are distributed for both photographic excellence (accreditations & image salon) as well as service and education.(see Merits tab) 

Meet Your Alberta Board


VICE CHAIR - Craig Sallenbach

LIAISON to NATIONAL - Chris Thombs


COMMUNICATIONS - Jacquie Matechuk


While positions on the Regional board require members to be accredited, Alberta also has three Branches! North, Central and South Branch boards are a great place to meet other local members and jump right into volunteering.  Contact us for opportunities at a branch near YOU!

3. Check out your Member Benefits

USE THIS LINK for the most up to date list

  • Business Insurance (Harvard Western Insurance - 25% discount and small business insurance plan, except Quebec)

  • Photographer's Insurance (Front Row Insurance Brokers - $50 discount for PPOC members on equipment and liability insurance.)

  • Group Health and Dental Plan (Harvard Western Insurance - rates for self-employed photographers, except Quebec)

  • Health and Dental Coverage (BE Financial, 10% discount nationwide)

  • Health Spending Account (BE Financial, 10% discount)

  • Online business course (PhotoCoach International, Preferred rate for all PPOC members, 10% discount)

  • Album First Order (Album Epoca - 50% first order discount - for new clients only)

  • Legal Services (Dan Pollack of Dipchand LLP offers a 25% discount for PPOC members)

  • Car Rentals (Enterprise Car Rentals)

  • Leasing (National Leasing - preferred leasing rates for members, excluding Observers)

  • Royalty Free Music (Triple Scoop Music - annual free music licensing gift ($60 value) and 10% discount)

  • Selected non-PPOC seminars (Member discounts available when offered by non-PPOC educational events)

4. Sign up to be a Protégé' 


PPOC’s Mentorship Program pairs senior PPOC members with new(ish) members to help them navigate the Accreditation process and can answer questions for you about upcoming PPOC events, policies, and membership benefits.


Become a PPOC Protégé today.

Working from Home

As a Protégé, you will be matched with another member, ideally in your geographic area or area of photographic specialty.  This member will help to guide you through your PPOC journey and ensure you’re able to maximize the advantages of your membership, and being paired with a Mentor will give you the first point of contact to help to introduce you to the association.

Once you apply to be a Protégé, your application will be directed to the PPOC Mentorship Chair who will find you a match from our stable of available Mentors.


And you you're getting the best support, because your Mentor will:

    1)    Have three years of membership or two years with PPOC Board experience.
    2)    Be accredited
    3)    Have strong organizational skills
    4)    Have strong leadership skills
    5)    Be results-driven
    6)    And accountable

5. Save the Dates 

Your PPOC offers some of the finest training and educational opportunities in Canada and it's all part of the advantage of being a member! So jump right in, check out the opportunities here and don't be shy to join in the conversation. 

And be on the lookout for your branch, regional and national newsletters keeping you informed of all the events, competitions and socials in the making!

Let us help explain the PPOC landscape and how to leverage your membership.

So how does one go about earning their accreditation? Learn the ins and outs here.

Bookmark this page. Keep up to date on the latest LOCAL events (online and in person)

So what are merits exactly and what are they used for? We'll lay it all out for you here.



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1-888-643-PPOC (7762)

Phone: 519-537-2555

Fax: 1-888-831-4036

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