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Jacquie Matechuk Received PPOC Accreditation

in the category of Sports


PPOC Accreditation – Sports

May 8, 2019

Jacquie Matechuk has proven professional ability to a Board of Examiners of the Professional Photographers of Canada Inc. and is hereby Accredited in the following category: Sports

Specification for Category – Sports


Ten (10) images of five (5) different sports at ten (10) different events. Should demonstrate the photographer’s knowledge of the sport being photographed by capturing the peak of action, as well as being able to deal with the adverse conditions of sports photography. Outdoor and indoor sports must be shown. A mix of professional and amateur sports would be ideal, but is not necessary.

Must include tear sheets or website screen shots of 5 of the images and submit the tear sheets or screen shots and articles as PDF files and send as e-mail attachments to the Accreditation Chair.

What is a PPOC Accreditation

Accreditation is a first level of achievement for an active member of the association and is achieved by submitting a portfolio to a Pan-Canadian PPOC Evaluation Board.

This honor demonstrates that the artist has the ability to deliver above average work in a specific category. Impact, creativity, style, composition, presentation, mastery of colors, focus, lighting, subject, image quality and technique are among the criteria evaluated by the judges.

In addition to other Merits Service and Merit Photos required, accreditation is required to qualify for the title of “Craftsman of Photographic Arts” and two are required for the title of “Master of Photographic Arts”.

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