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These uniquely curated, limited edition, signed and numbered prints, will only be available through our Fine Art Collector Series.

The limited number of editions will be listed below for each image. Your collector series image will printed only on the finest gallery quality papers available and always from a source that is both sustainable and renewable. Because so many of the species and environments represented in our gallery, are endangered or threatened, this is a very deliberate commitment to our planet.

For full color prints, we've hand selected the
Hahnemühle Fine Art Velvet Hemp gallery paper, with an understated organic texture and a gently warmed white tone. It provides exquisite color range and stunning detail for years on enjoyment and celebration. Our monochrome productions are produced as carbon prints, perfect for extracting the crisp depth of the darkest tones while lending beautiful detail to the lightest portions of your image. Produced from all natural fibers: Kozo, Bamboo, Mitsumata, Gampi and Hemp, the paper we have chosen for production of your collector prints, is an Awagami Washi. 100% crafted & produced by the Fujimori family in Tokushima, Japan. The natural fibers yield sheets with an expressive surface and impressive character. As always, any environmental impact was a integral part of our decision in which paper to use. Awagami focuses on research and development in an ongoing effort to integrate washi into contemporary life, made with respect and care for the environment.


Your investment means as much to us as it does to you, so we recommend purchasing prints only (no frames or glass) to minimize risk of  damage to your collector's edition print. Pricing for prints-only, available below.

We are happy to collaborate with a framing gallery of your choice to recommend a frame style and matte, based on the print size purchased and to help you select a glass that protects and enhances your investment for the long term.

Every collector series print will include a signed & numbered certificate of authenticity. As well as the unpublished 'sealed' story that reveals the events surrounding where and how your image was created, the impact of these precious species in their environments and how your purchase will assist in their protection and advocacy.


10 Signed Limited Edition Numbered Prints in each size available
Gallery Print Size Options: 
$2880 USD - Medium Framed Print
(30" x 20") print with frame & matte (pick up only)
$2140 USD - Unframed, Print ONLY 
$6450 USD - Large Framed Print
(40" x 29") print with frame & matte (pick up only)
$5220 USD - Unframed Print ONLY
$10650 USD - XLarge Framed Print
(45" x 60") print with frame & matte (pick up only)
$9280 USD - Unframed, Print ONLY

The Watchman

(Bwindi Mountain Gorilla) 2023
The Watchman

03 / 10   The Watchman

Jacquie Matechuk

The Waiting Game

(Massai Mara Cheetah) 2023
The Waiting Game

01 / 10   The Waiting Game

Jacquie Matechuk


(Ugandan Elephant) 2023

03 / 10   The Watchman

Jacquie Matechuk


(Massai Mara Elephant) 2023

01 / 10   The Waiting Game

Jacquie Matechuk


Signed Limited Edition Numbered Prints: 
10 prints in Medium
10 in Large
in X-Large
Gallery Print Size Options: 
(30" x 20") print with frame & matte (pick up only)
$3980 USD - Medium Framed Print
$3190 USD    (30" x 20") pint ONLY + shipping
(40" x 29") print with frame & matte (pick up only)
$7450 USD - Large Framed Print
$6280 USD    (40" x 29") pint ONLY + shipping
(60" x 40") print with frame & matte (pick up only)
$15950 USD - XLarge Framed Print
$12940 USD    (30" x 20") pint ONLY + shipping

He Looks to the Heavens

(Andean Spectacled Bear) 2023
He Looks to the Heavens_edited_edited_ed

01 / 10   Showered By The Heavens

Jacquie Matechuk

Jacquie Matechuk


More Images being released soon

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