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rediscover the power and beauty of nature 



Discover the rare Mountain Gorillas


Picture this; you're standing in the middle of the paradise that time has left unscathed. In the distance, a cool mist kisses the mountain peaks. The lush green of rainforest becomes your backdrop and as you maneuver through the dense bamboo forests, you get a sense of just how pristine the world can be. The air is thick with anticipation as syou approach a family of endangered gorillas. Curiously, they watch as you settle in for your visit. The younger ones teasing each other and showing off for the new guests. And as you adjust to this incredible experience unfolding before you, you begin to see and feel the connection they have to one another. Intimate exchanges and communication, playful antics, a gentle caress. It's a world unlike any other, and you are the guest of honour.

Not a professional photographer? Or looking to bring a companion that isn't a photographer... not a problem! We are focused on creating an inclusive environment that is dedicated to delivering profound visual experiences for each and every guest we're travelling with. And if that means you just want to sit and be present, we want you to experience the beauty of Africa in YOUR own way.  

JM231209-Africa-Day13-Bwindi-33736 2.JPG
Kigali, Rwanda, Africa

📍Uganda Wildlife Authority, East Africa

5 DAYS: November TBD, 2025


Welcome dinner evening of arrival

Accommodation in Kigali upon arrival (based on double occupancy)

Transportation from Kigali to your lodge roughly 3 hrs away

Professional gorilla trekking guides to ensure and inclusive experience

All meals and beverages during your stay at the lodge

You will have 4 treks in just 5 days

NOTE: Fitness level - moderate

All conservancy park fees 


  • Travel/airfare, to Nairobi Kenya and transport to your hotel.

  • Any personal expenses, souvenirs or optional tours

  • Travel medical insurance (required) and any necessary vaccinations for entry 

  • Kenya Tourist Visa (mandatory), and may also be used for ADD-ON package of our Big 5 Tour

  • Tips and gratuities for your guides and room stewards, which will be discussed prior to your departure.

  • Anything not listed in items included.

$7,500.00 USD 

$10,200 CDN | per person  -  4 spots

5 days / 5 nights

International award-winning photographic coaching and guiding

OPTIONAL 7-day ADD-ON Big 5 Safari tour, based on limited availability

📍Maasai Mara - Big 5 Photo Tour

Check out the details of this life changing experience with the endangered mountain gorillas

T O U R   C O S T

Available Dates:   NOVEMBER, 2025 (7 days)




The adventure begins in Kigali, Rwanda where we will pick you up at the airport upon your arrival. You'll be transferred to your hotel to rest and refresh for the night. For those arriving early enough, we will meet for a group dinner. Those arriving later will meet the group the following morning! 


Following a group breakfast, we will leave the hotel to cross the border into Uganda where lodge staff are eagerly awaiting your arrival. The drive is approximately 3 hours but when you arrive there will be plenty of time to relax and prepare for our trek the next day.  We will have dinner together and another opportunity to preapare!

DAY 2-4

The next 3 days each start with breakfast at the lodge before driving to meet the Uganda Wildlife Authority. They will welcome and lead us to our designated gorilla family. Treks are typically 30-90 minutes and once we arrive, we'll have 1 hour of quality time with them. We'll return to the lodge for lunch with time to relax, edit or explore surrounding areas. 


On your final day, we will finish with one last gorilla trek.  We'll then return to the lodge to collect your belongings and enjoy our last lunch together. As we bid the lodge staff farewell, you can use the journey back to Kigali to capture beautiful landscapes and lifestyle of the locals. If you choose to fly home this evening, your flight must leave AFTER 7pm


5:15 am   Wake-up Call

 5:30am   Morning Update

 6:00am   Trekking departure

 7:30am   Gorilla Briefing

 8:00am   Begin Trek

 9:00am   Time with Gorillas

10:00am   Trek back

11:00am   Return to Lodge

  1:00pm   Group Lunch

  2 - 6pm    Photo Review**

  6:30pm   Group Supper 

(Times subject to change)

Your photo tour includes (4) separate treks with the gorillas

Intinerary - Gorillas

** photo review can be done one on one or a group setting and is completely optional

*   Daily schedules will adjust to photographic opportunities and priorities 


We're waiting for you...


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