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A private workshop is the most effective way to learn photographic techniques in a safe and supportive environment, with your priorities taking precedence. Everyone is unique in how they absorb and retain information and sometimes having your bestie with you makes the learning that much easier. This workshop will allow for 2 photographers.  And while you may be sharing my time and attention, you may learn things you hadn't even thought to ask.


While it is recommended that you book this with someone of similar skillset, I am still able to customize an experience that will provide you and your guest with the most value possible, regardless of what you photograph or how much experience you have. 


A stop for lunch and debrief is included.

Tearsheets as requested are included.

WORKSHOP - B (2 People)

  • Learning to operate a camera may take years to master. But when we first start out, it can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn about our cameras and the art of crafting an image with impact and grit. This is private hands-on workshop will get you pointed in the right direction. If you have some experience, we can fill in the gaps and tap into techniques and components you never really understood or if you're brand new to photgraphy, we're goining to simplify the process and focus on the key basics so you have a strong foundation to build upon. 

    This is YOUR workshop, so lets make sure you get the information and support that matters most to you.

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